Yellow Grass BFF session

A few weeks ago I found myself at a farm outside of Yellow Grass Saskatchewan. Keven just turned 17, so to celebrate we were doing some photos of her and her two good friends. Leah from LBMB Makeup Artistry & Hair came along and make these girls look fabulous with professional hair and makeup. 

If you are from Saskatchewan I do not have to tell you how much colder this winter had been compared to last years. However my mind was only thinking about how much fun we were going to have running around, I didn't think about preparing myself for the cold.  As you can see the girls all look amazing, and they are only wearing light spring jackets. It had to be -23C out there with windchill. I was in a parka, boots, and had my hood up the entire time! Needless to say they were way tougher than me. I did learn my lesson, and will always bring mitts along as well as more layers.