Fabulous YOU

I love to feel fabulous! To get all ready for a night out by spending a little more time on my hair and to actually put some makeup on. I put on an outfit I never usually wear and throw on some shoes that are out of this world and strut my stuff. LOL now don't get me wrong i'm a shy girl and every other day I am in jeans and a tshirt with no makeup and flipflops, with ZERO strutting is going. This is 99% of the time! It makes me think that maybe it is important to spend time making yourself feel beautiful, fabulous and of course ON FIRE!! Think about it you should feel that way all the time. I know loving yourself isn't easy but it is well worth it girls! Make a list of your awesome traits, buy a few new outfits, organize your schedule to make time for yourself, and always focus on the good. You are ALWAYS your worst critic...so stop it!

I am officially making October "Fabulous You" month!!! Book a photo session with your girlfriends, you will have your hair and makeup professionally done, bring some fabulous outfits and rock what your momma gave you!! Each girl will have an individual photography session as well as a group portrait at the end.  This will be a fun day with you and your best friend or 5 of you. Or bring your mom and your sister for some great bonding time.

Common girls lets make October the kickstart to strutting your stuff for life!!![gallery link="file" orderby="post_date"]

call or email for more information 306-861-3490   broca1@live.ca